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TreeHouse Realty, LLC is an Oregon based real estate services company located in Beaverton, Hillsboro and Medford and serves the entire Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Our focus is on you and your goals. We have spent our careers learning all aspects of real estate because few decisions in life include the multi-faceted complexity of a real estate transaction. It is about working with knowledgeable people that function as your ally. This is our role.

TreeHouse Realty, LLC believes everyone benefits by raising awareness regarding sustainability. We support responsible Oregon businesses and products that are made in the USA. This makes us a good partner worth working with and a terrific neighbor in the community. Our website, Facebook, and Twitter sites are designed to be used as resources for relevant news and information regarding these important, complicated issues. Bookmark, like, and follow our sites and refer to them often.

From the initial conversation, identifying your goals, to keeping them in mind and following through, TreeHouse Realty, LLC can help you make informed decisions that moves you forward. Contact us today to meet over coffee to discuss what you want.

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